Central University of Finance and Economics publishes findings on health economics (endogenous health risks, poverty traps, and roles of health insurance in poverty reduction): Economics


MAY 03, 2022 (NewsRx) — By a News Reporter – Staff News Education Daily Report Editor — New Economics Research — Health Economics Report. According to reports from beijingPeople Republic of China, by NewsRx reporters, the research said, “Investing in family education is a key factor in reducing the intergenerational transmission of poverty. At the cost of higher health risk, the poor can overload their bodies to earn more money to invest in education.

Funders of this research include the Chinese National Funding of Social Sciences, Beijing Social Science Fund, Innovation project in higher education disciplines.

Reporters got a quote from the research of the Central University of Finance and Economics, “This study examines the effect of physical overdraft, health risks and health insurance on poverty and economic growth. This article proposes a model for the economic development of endogenous health risks and poverty by implementing a physical overdraft decision. In addition, we introduce a mutual health insurance mechanism to analyze its effects on poverty reduction. First, this study shows that health risks weaken the economy and are among the main causes of poverty. Second, health mutuals can mitigate, but not completely eliminate, the negative impact of health risks on the economy. Third, appropriate health insurance arrangements can lift some or even all poor households out of poverty. Health risks have a significant effect on poverty.

According to the journalists, the research concluded, “Additionally, health insurance mechanisms have the benefit of transferring health risks, reducing poverty and improving health equity.”

For more information on this research, see: Endogenous Health Risks, Poverty Traps, and the Roles of Health Insurance in Poverty Reduction. Health Economics Review2022;12(1):25. Health Economics Review can be reached at: Bmc, Campus, 4 rue Crinan, London N1 9XW, England. (Springer – www.springer.com; Journal of Health Economics – http://www.springerlink.com/content/2191-1991/)

Our press correspondents advise that further information may be obtained by contacting Xun Zhang, insurance school, Central University of Finance and Economics, beijing100081, Popular Republic of China. Other authors of this research include Pu Liao and Wanlu Zhang.

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The journal editor Health Economics Review can be reached at: Bmc, Campus, 4 rue Crinan, London N1 9XW, England.

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