Chloe Swarbick is finally bringing the left’s attention back to the economy


Greens’ Chloe Swarbrick calls for inquiry into economic response

The Greens want a select commission of inquiry into the economic response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finance spokeswoman Chlöe Swarbrick has written to Parliament’s Finance and Expenditure Committee, asking it to accept an inquiry into the Covid-19 economic response when it meets for the first time this year on Wednesday .

The Greens have criticized aspects of the economic response to Covid-19, in the government’s reliance on the Reserve Bank’s interest rate cuts to stimulate demand in the economy. This had the undesirable side effect of driving up real estate prices across the country.


After all the bullshit of middle class identity politics, we FINALLY get to the heart of the matter.

The terrible failure of neoliberal economics and its horrific impact on the vast majority of us!

Jacinda and Grant invested billions in the housing market and the housing market exploded. They used the failing dynamics of the free market in a market already mutated beyond recognition by the dynamics of the free market and it resulted in one of the greatest transfers of wealth in New Zealand history…

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The rich nearly $1 trillion richer since start of Covid – Hickey

An economic and political commentator claims that since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Aotearoa, the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer – in part because of government policies.

Bernard Hickey, writing in The Kākā newsletter, argued that – contrary to many assumptions – New Zealand’s economic response to Covid-19 was among the worst in the world in terms of widening wealth and poverty inequality. waste of taxpayers’ funds.

He calculated policies such as cash payouts for businesses battling the pandemic, wage subsidies that saved business owners money, rising real estate and asset prices and l cumulative money printing to enrich the rich nearly $1 trillion.

Meanwhile, lines for emergency food parcels continue to grow, Hickey told Breakfast.

…I argued that Chloe is the mustard, here is her speech in Parliament…

“We have seen these distributional impacts on house prices increase by an average of $300,000 in Aotearoa, we have seen this in the estimated $1 trillion transfer of wealth to the wealthiest New Zealanders. The government saw this increase in inequality not through a “natural process” but as a result of decisions that were made and decisions that were not made. »

…we desperately need a new economy, reviewing the vast failures of the current lifeboat is an essential start.

It’s Chloe’s moment.

With all our might in hand, this is a debate that requires urgent attention as global capitalism once again seems on the verge of collapse.

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