Economics professor Bryan Caplan: Ukraine’s effort to pay Russian soldiers could be a ‘publicity stunt’


Bryan Caplan, an economics professor at George Mason University, said Wednesday that an offer by Ukraine to pay Russian soldiers to leave their army could be a “publicity stunt”, but added that the tactic might work.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said late last month it would offer amnesty and cash to any Russian soldiers who voluntarily surrender, According to Defense One.

Caplan told Hill.TV’s “Rising” that while the ad may not represent much, it could attract Russian troops amid Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I could be wrong, this looks more like a publicity stunt just to get the headlines than a serious tactic. But it’s a tactic that could really work. It would be very cheap compared to other other things people do,” Caplan said.

“And the sensitivity that countries are likely to feel about this is really misplaced. It’s not like Russia could easily do something similar and reverse it, which is unrealistic, who’s going to trust them? ” He continued.

Caplan’s comments come as Russia nears two weeks of fighting since it began its invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, drawing condemnation and sweeping sanctions from the international community.

While Russia said earlier this month that nearly 500 of its troops had died in the invasion, Ukraine’s president then put the figure at nearly 6,000.


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