Entrepreneurial Economist Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal Receives Honorary Doctorate in Economics


Dr Pradeep Toshniwal Managing Director of R Impex Limited

The Senate of the Oxford Union Academy gives rare recognition to economist Dr Pradeep Toshniwal. Dr. Toshniwal received an honorary doctorate in economics

The world economic order is shifting from a free economy to a much more complex economy”

— Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Oct. 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — On September 29, 2022, the Senate of the Oxford Union Academy awarded an honorary doctorate in economics and international business to Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal, chief executive of R Impex Limited. Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal is an eminent economist and international trade expert and visiting lecturer at leading institutes of administration around the world.

Speaking about this, Dr Pradeep Toshniwal said: “I am very happy to receive an honorary doctorate from the Oxford Union Academy. This historic achievement will contribute to my goal of continuing my academic and professional journey in critical areas of scientific research. I am honored to receive this award as an honorary doctorate in economics.

Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal is a global connoisseur of modern issues and a sought-after speaker on many global boards. Dr. Toshniwal is recognized for his popularity as an innovator, his social connections, his watchdog report on value creation, and marketers’ expectations for value creation.

Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal, Managing Director of R Impex Limited, is a global citizen and strong supporter of corporate social responsibility. Over the years, Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal has steadily moved from the corporate world to charitable and educational endeavours. R Impex Limited is a leading Hong Kong-based exporter of healthcare products with a presence in over 75 countries worldwide

The Oxford Union Academy represents the UK in the International Council for Science (ICSU), Association of All European Academies (ALLEA), World Federation of Scientists (WFS), International Academic Union (UAI), UNESCO, the Interacademic Panel (IAP), and various global scientific organizations. It is made up of three departments bringing together members (327 members, to which are added 95 full members, 90 corresponding members, 50 honorary members and 97 members from overseas) under the precept of associated sciences.

Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal is the Promoter and Managing Director of R Impex Limited. He graduated in finance in India. Dr. Pradeep Tosniwal has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate in International Business for his exemplary contribution in the field of Pharmacy by the Indian Institute of Research Management India
Coming from a very humble beginning, Dr. Padeep Toshniwal has achieved outstanding results by developing and redefining the business roadmap, ensuring differentiation as a competitive advantage and clearly focusing on the brands consumers want. and the products they need.

Under the flagship of Dr. Toshniwal, the marketing and research departments were established and the product development department was expanded. The company grew at a CAGR of 175%. Profitable growth is the goal of anticipating future trends and having the most talented and motivated team in the country.
Under his leadership, the company ventured into new geographies with a wide range of products in various therapeutic segments. His vision and value system have guided the organization towards sustainable profitability. Dr. Toshniwal had created a professional team.

A strong advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Dr. Toshniwal lends strong support to girls’ education initiatives, which to date have contributed almost Rs 6,000,000 to the company.
R Impex Limited is Hong Kong’s leading supplier of anti-cancer, anti-malaria and anti-viral intermediates and APIs with a presence in over 75 countries globally. He embarked on the vision of creating a global pharmaceutical services company. Under his able and dynamic leadership, R Impex Limited has grown rapidly to new milestones and the highest level of performance. He is the main architect of the progress of the organization.

Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal with over two decades of experience in commercial and financial functions. He is familiar with the overall management of the company and has extensive practical experience in marketing, production and finance. His business acumen, entrepreneurial zeal, organizational skills and management abilities have enabled R Impex Limited to take leaps and bounds and spread its wings across the globe.

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