From an economics degree to a successful start-up leader in Vietnam


Pictured: Minh Bui, CEO and Founder of Beta Group Vietnam

Indeed, the opportunities offered by the economics program have not only provided Minh with unique professional experiences, but lasting memories. A field trip to Australian farmlands allowed his cohort to meet locals and study the economics of Australian agriculture.

“I still remember those days very well,” he said. “The memories I have from that time are truly magical.”

Boost a multifaceted career

For Minh, it was after graduating from Sydney that everything started to fall into place.

“My career has been everything I ever wanted and more,” he shares. “I got a job in Singapore in commodities trading through the University of Sydney alumni network. I spent two years in Singapore before returning to Vietnam where I started my entrepreneurial career. I founded a chain of donut stores called Doco Donuts, and after three years I sold it to pursue my MBA at Harvard Business School.

Since completing his MBA in 2014, Minh has founded Beta Group, where he spends much of his days overseeing a growing multidimensional media company (Beta Cinemas), proptech (Aplus, offering young professionals Vietnamese access to affordable shared housing). , and education (CBI, management course in partnership with Harvard).

Always a busy and creative personality, he’s also a singer-songwriter, not to mention an aspiring actor and film producer to boot.

“I have a hit anthem called ‘Viet Nam Oi’ which many Vietnamese adore and play at major sporting events,” Minh said. “Sharing my music and seeing it so widely received gives me great joy. I also act and produce films, but it is true that I continue to improve my skills in this area.

Based in the vibrant and resilient city of Ho Chi Minh City, Minh says it’s a place where “a sense of excitement and energy is always present.”

“COVID has changed our daily lives a lot, but we remain hopeful,” he said thoughtfully. “I try to spend time for myself each day, reflecting and calibrating my mind so that I can meet each challenge in the right way. “


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