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How are you doing people? ! Last Here Weed Go! podcast, cannabis journalist and host Eddie Celaya looks at a bigger picture that affects more than the cannabis industry: inflation.

For starters, what is inflation? And how does this affect the state pot industry?

To help answer this and many other inflation-related and canna-centric questions, Celaya is joined by Adams Lee, an international trade attorney with the Seattle-based law firm Harris Bricken.

Lee explains why prices for cannabis products have held steady, or even fallen, in some states. It also shows how cannabis, seemingly inflation proof at the consumer level (until now), is actually facing some of the same issues and problems that other more established industries are also facing.

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Together, Eddie and Adams are also clearing the smoke on how inflation and its impact in other parts of the economy may be causing a downward trend in sales across the country.

Our conversation kicks off with Adams helping Eddie with his Econ101 homework and explaining what inflation is.


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