IGC Patna Summer School in Development Economics



Maurya Hotel, 9e– 14eAugust 2020

The International Growth Center, led by the London School of Economics (LSE) and the University of Oxford, together with the Center for Development Studies (CDS) Thiruvananthapuram and the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong is organizing the 2sdIGC Patna Summer School in Development Economics 9e – 14eAugust 2020. The workshop will take place at the Maurya Hotel, Patna.

The workshop is intended for advanced doctoral students, students with recent doctorates, university professors with recent doctorates, post-docs, and public officials engaged in research from government departments. The workshop will consist of lectures on a range of topics, reviewing current exploratory research, with a focus on quantitative methods relevant to contemporary political issues in India. Participants will have the opportunity to meet guest speakers during allotted office hours to discuss their research.

Structure: The sessions cover relevant technical and political topics. These include the introduction to micro-econometric methods for research, including randomized controlled trials (RCTs); the latest research in gender economics, economics of education, agricultural economics, health economics, issues related to migration, technology and innovation and public finance.


Anu Rammohan, University of Western Australia

Arjun Bedi, International Institute for Labor Studies (ISS), The Hague

Chittur S Srinivasan, University of Reading

Faculty, Indian Institute of Management, Shillong (to be confirmed)

Gaurav Chiplunkar, University of Virginia

M Parameswaran, Center for Development Studies

Sugata Marjit, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

Sunil Mani, Center for Development Studies

Note to applicants: Applications should include an up-to-date CV, research sample, and grade sheet or transcript from their Masters / MPhil / PhD program. All applicants must also complete the application form (Connect: https://forms.gle/DkR7vgt2VxjTbPZz6) for IGC PatnaSummer School. If you have any further questions, please email india@theigc.org with the subject line ‘IGC Patna Summer School 2020’.

2sd Class AC train travel and all local expenses, including accommodation, will be reimbursed for participants accepted at a remote station. Applications must be submitted by 30eApril 2020 and acceptance decisions will be made by 30e June 2020.

Please circulate this notice to your facility / post on the notice board.



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