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On Thursday May 26, the Latvian parliament expressed its support for Ilze Indriksone as a candidate for the post of Minister of Economy. Indriksone mentioned energy independence and security through the use of renewable energy resources.

It is also important to continue to attract investment, support instruments and promote science-business cooperation to improve competition. She also mentioned the improvement of housing accessibility in the regions.

“In this difficult geopolitical situation, while we also have to deal with the consequences caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and recover from the rapid increase in energy prices, we must also deal with the economic consequences of the Russian war. -Ukrainian. On top of all this, I will have to take quick and constructive decisions to ensure that the Latvian economy and our residents do not suffer.

As Minister of Economy, I will have to do a lot and even more until the next Saeima elections

to ensure that our households can feel secure about the availability of heating energy this heating season and their ability to pay for utilities, and for our contractors to redirect their operations to new export markets and work with scientists to create new competitive products to help increase the indices of our economy and the well-being of our residents. There are many challenges and much to do. I greatly appreciate what my predecessor Jānis Vitenbergs did to stabilize the Latvian economy. I will continue this course,” Indriksone said.

The new minister emphasizes that it is important to her to continue the dialogue with the organizations representing the largest companies.

Indriksone was elected to the 13th Saeima of the National Alliance party. Previously, she worked as a parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Economy, a member of the budget and finance committee of the Saeima and secretary of the public expenditure and audit committee.


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