Michigan-Maine-Finland partnership webinar series examines forest ecology and economics


Michigan-Maine-Finland partnership webinar series examines forest ecology and economics

Contact: David Neumann (DNR), 517-281-6729 or Richard Kobe (Michigan State University), 517-355-0090 Agency: Natural resources

January 20, 2022

Programs set for January 27, February 24, March 24 and April 28

Michigan’s forestry partnership with Finland and the State of Maine continues with four new one-hour webinars starting Thursday, January 27.

Michigan, Maine and Finland are all heavily forested and share long traditions in the logging industry. The partnership seeks cooperation in the transition to a modern and sustainable bioeconomy that supports growth while protecting long-term forest health.

The webinars, which all begin at 9 a.m. EST, include:

  • January 27: “Institutions, policies and actors” examines the various influences on the forest sector, as well as legislative and regulatory policy for forestry and wood-based products. Speakers are Leena Leskinen from the Finnish Forestry Center, Mike Smalligan from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and Patrick Strauch from the Maine Forest Products Council. Register before January 23.
  • February 24: “Ecology and management” examines which species and forest types are most important for each location and what forest management practices are used at each. Speakers include Kari T. Korhonen from the Institute of Natural Resources, Finland; Mike Walters, associate professor of forest ecology at Michigan State University, and Ian Prior, analyst at Seven Island Land Company in Maine. Register before February 20.
  • March 24: “Economy, forest operations and technology” features speakers Kalle Karha from the University of Eastern Finland, Charlie Becker from Lyme Great Lakes Timberlands and Dana Doran from the Maine Loggers Association discussing the journey from logging to valuable products via mechanization. Register before March 20.
  • April 28: “Current Issues and Opportunities: A Look Ahead” focuses on research, development and innovation. Topics will include climate change and maintaining biodiversity. The speakers are Jyrki Kangas from the University of Eastern Finland, Raju Pokharel from MSU and Bri Borman from FOR/Maine. Register before April 24.


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