Pandamonium 2021: Esports, cosplay and economics are a fair game in Wilmington this weekend



This weekend, the pandemonium arrives in Delaware.

From Saturday 11 December to Sunday 12 December Futures contracts First game (FFG) will welcome the Pandamonium 2021 Wilmington’s own gaming convention Theater N. This will be the second edition of FFG’s flagship event, and the first time that it will take place almost entirely in person.

This year’s event will feature five tournaments – NBA2K22, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and both on-site and virtual Fortnite – down from six last year. FFG believes this will allow the event to focus only on the most popular games from each tournament hosted by the organization this year. As for September Fall brawl, leader of the fighting games community Training grounds will take stock of Smash and Tekken supports.

In addition to the tournaments, Pandamonium 2021 will host three practical workshops led by industry professionals:

  • Cosplay, 3D design and AutoCAD – Do you like video games, books and good stories? Want to learn how to be these characters and create your own? Find out how to use 3D printing and AutoCAD to create cosplay armor and characters, and use these skills to earn money and start a career. A piece of armor may be offered at the end of the workshop. (December 11 at 12:30 p.m. EST)
  • Explore the benefits of VR gaming – Enter new worlds with this VR workshop. Come find out how virtual reality is changing the Internet landscape and what it means for the future of gaming. Step out of Penn Cinema and step into new frontiers. (December 11 at 4:30 p.m. EST)
  • Gamers or drone pilots? – Have you ever wondered how to fly a drone? Pierced by drone racing videos? Join us for a lesson in aviation and drone maintenance. Fly above the crowds of Pandamonium for a bird’s-eye view of the future of remote-controlled flight. (December 12 at 1 p.m. EST)

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For online viewers, Pandamonium 2021 will continue the tradition of offering two of FFG’s iconic educational panels. Both panels will air on FFG’s Twitch channel and can be viewed live for free. Each panel will cover a topic that matters to our community, with questions asked by industry professionals at the top of their game:

Esports, Ecosystems and Economy (December 11 at 3 p.m. EST)

It’s not called “esports” for nothing. Like its physical counterpart, many competitive games center around tournaments, events, and in-person championships. In 2018, Barclays Center hosted over 22,000 spectators over two days for the first Overwatch League Grand Final. After each game day, those fans descended on Brooklyn and hit the local bars, shops and restaurants. Hotels and Airbnbs have been booked for miles around, and for this weekend local businesses across the city have taken advantage of traffic from esports events. This is not the only way communities are benefiting and engaging in esports, as esports barcades, LAN centers and themed clubs are springing up in cities across the country.


  • Heather blair (moderator) has 30 years of experience as a director of sales and marketing in the film and esports industries. It has taken the global exhibition market by storm, taking steps to bring 4D technology to theaters around the world. Heather is the founder and president of Women in exhibition, a non-profit organization working for the empowerment of women in the exhibitions industry, and the Cinema Esports Alliance Corp., which encourages conversation between the film and esports industries.
  • Danny martin, co-founder and CEO of Era, got his start in esports repairing play equipment for his classmates at University of Texas at San Antonio. After graduating, he turned his Dallas loft into a self-funded esports arena. Danny’s next move? Educate 20,000 young adults with STEM and esports goals by 2025 with its accredited program.
  • Amanda Solomon currently serves as CEO of Sales for Tyrus Television, a talent management and consulting group. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of Women in Games International and is dedicated to the defense of women, LGBTQIA + and BIPOC people in the space of games and electronic sports.
  • Daniel johnson is the director of esports at DC Events, where he arrives with over 20 years of experience in analog sports, esports and event management. More recently, he represented MGM Resorts International as a thought leader at various congresses and conferences. Neil is or has been a member of the board of directors of the Xlive Esports Summit Client Advisory Council and the Esports Business Summit Advisory Council.
  • Dr Dan Young is the founding director of the doctoral program in business administration at Goldey-Beacom College, as well as the curator of TEDxWilmington. He taught at GBC, Temple University, West Chester University, the University of Delaware, and Wilmington University, and managed executive leadership programs with the University of Pennsylvania and the Oxford University. Dan is currently president of Theater N, is a member of the board of directors of the Whist University and Club, and as a member of the advisory board of the New start program.

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Why only 2%? Barriers built on the pro lane (December 12 at 3 p.m. EST)

Eighty-three percent of black and brown youth identify as gamers, but only 2% make it to the professional circuit. This disparity is not due to a lack of talent or a preference for casual play over competition, but rather because of artificial barriers to entry. Inherent racial biases, prohibitive costs, and a lack of opportunities prevent black and brown youth from excelling in esports positions. Now is the time to fight discrimination in the industry.


  • Andrea “Boredy Mcbored” Richmond (moderator) has been a gamer since the age of 3 and has been a bright light in the world of esports, comedy and entertainment ever since. Ms. Richmond graduated from HBCU Spelman College with a BS in Computer Science and a Minor in Theater and Performance. She is currently screaming for Youth League eSports, HBCU Heroes, and Alliance eSports The Yard HBCU.
  • hip-hop player got his love of music and games from his grandmother, who put a controller in her hand to keep him in the house and off the streets as a young man in Brooklyn. Now he finds himself as a game contributor for his hometown radio station, Hot 97.
  • Dale harvey is a self-identified creator, cosplayer, designer, maker and meat popsicle. He enjoys designing exquisite costumes and cosplays and looks forward to continuing to learn and teach his craft.
  • Bradford harris is the public sector educator strategist for SHI Company, where he merges academics and esports to create the perfect learning experience for all ages, and director of learning for the nonprofit Texas School Sports Federation. Mr. Harris works to promote diversity, equity and inclusion among students of color in the esports industry.
  • Christophe turner is the General Manager and Head Sports Coach for University of the South and University of the South Laboratory School. Turner’s mission is to enrich the lives of players, teachers and students.

FFG’s momentum in the esports events space shows no signs of stopping. In the wake of the fall brawl in September, Pandamonium 2021 is looking to bring players from across the region to Wilmington for two days of esports bliss.

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