Paralegal in Brooklyn, NY — Money Diary

Occupation: paralegal
Industry: Right
Age: 27
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Salary: $105,000 +10% bonus
Net value : $36,052.68 (High Yield Savings Account: $3,200, Roth 401(k): $18,000, Health Spending Account: $4,279, Crypto: $21,780 (it’s pure luck that an ex-boyfriend gifted me the crypto in 2016 and I never sold it) minus the debt.I had more in my emergency fund, but I had a cancer scare and even with good insurance, that took a lot of my cash reserves.)
Debt: Student loans: $9,897, credit card: $1,309.32
Paycheck amount (2x/month): $2,190.13 (I earn over time, so my paychecks fluctuate, but that’s an average)
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
Lease: $1,354.60 (my half of the rent for my rent-stabilized apartment that I share with a roommate)
Credit card: $327.33
Medical Installment Plan: $57.89 (this month is my final payment for a procedure I had six months to pay for)
The Internet: $10 after firm internet allowance
Gas: $10
Electric: $90
Crispy roll: $9.99
Netflix: $15.99
iCloud: $0.99
Apple Music: currently free since I bought AirPods recently
Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+: free with my Amex
New York Times: paid by the company
WSJ: paid by the company
Platoon Membership: paid by the company
Vacation fund: $200
Gift fund: $100
Emergency fund: $260
House funds: $550
Annual expenses:
YNAB: $98.99
Porter’s tip: $500 (that’s half and my roommate contributes the other half. I’m saving up for this year to make sure I have cash on hand to thank them properly and not strain the finances of holiday season)
Annual CC fees: $889 (Chase Sapphire, Delta Gold, AMEX Platinum)


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