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Where do we go now that Bill 96 has passed and a future Bill 96½ or 101¾ may follow? It is vital today to provide the best and most effective legal challenges to several clauses of the bill that cost money when the CAQ can simply take as much of my public funds at its discretion to defend it.

Please Prime Minister Trudeau don’t let Legault intimidate you with Quebec is a nation and keep your nose out of the poor Quebec nation but keep sending the $13 billion in transfer payments and more every year in the coffers of Quebec; this can infer that our economy cannot survive without the arrival of international investment and that large companies generate less while we protect the French language by reducing the use of English in Quebec and exposing it to world.

It’s time for ‘Justly Justin’ to stand up and be counted to declare today that Canada will pay the full cost of the legal challenges to Bill 96 to deliver a level playing field and get it swiftly forward to the Impartial Supreme Court for interpretation.

All Quebecers, regardless of their linguistic origin, including First Nations, deserve nothing less. They all contributed to the Canadian nation of today and before Confederation and fought to preserve it, let’s not forget that!

Michael Shafter



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