Politics can wait, focus on economy and job creation: KTR


Posted: Posted Date – 10:41 PM, Sat – Jul 23, 22

IT Minister KT Rama Rao addressing the first convocation of Mahindra University in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: IT Minister KT Rama Rao said politicians should be held largely responsible for their failure to reach consensus on national priorities and devote their energies to achieving them.

India’s future would bode well if people were not distracted from the economy, Rama Rao said while addressing the first convocation of Mahindra University on Saturday.

“Politics can wait. It can happen six months once every five years and staying four and a half years, I think the politics and the political leadership of the country needs to stay focused on the economy and job creation and the issues that really matter to the future,” he said.

Taking a swipe at the union government, the IT minister said in 1987 that India and China, countries of similar size in terms of population, also had a similar economic size of $470 billion. dollars. However, 35 years later, China had a GDP of $16 trillion while India still had only $3 trillion. “We keep dreaming 5 trillion dreams,” he said.

“Somehow or the other, we seem to have lost sight of our most important priorities and instead focused on the issues that distracted us and called for division among us,” he said.

Among the many perceived problems in India, the IT Minister said a commonly noted problem was that the brightest minds were constantly working to solve the problems of the rich, while ignoring the problems of the poor.

“Hardly anyone has focused on building houses and toilets for the poor, but there are hundreds and thousands of brilliant engineers and architects building villas and gated communities for the rich. It is time to change lopsided priorities and ensure that the nation-building task remains paramount for everyone,” he said.

Stating that Telangana has become a model state in the country to be emulated, Rama Rao said the state was a champion in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth. He encouraged students graduating from the university to seek out the opportunities available in Telangana and Hyderabad.

Bharat Biotech International Limited CMD Krishna Ella, Chancellor of Mahindra University Anand Mahindra and CEO of Tech Mahindra and MD CP Gurnani also spoke.


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