Researchers from the School of Economics and Management publish new data on discrete and continuous dynamic systems (research on individual income tax-deferred commercial endowment insurance from an equity perspective): systems discrete and continuous dynamics


FEBRUARY 01, 2022 (NewsRx) — By a News Reporter – Staff News Editor at Daily Insurance News — New research on discrete and continuous dynamical systems is the subject of a new report. According to reports from the School of Economics and Management by NewsRx reporters, the research said, “In order to ease the strain on the basic endowment insurance system, China has established the IITDCEI mixed mixed individual insurance policy and actively explored the development path of complementary mixed individual insurance.

Journalists got a citation from the research of School of Economics and Management“Currently, the same tax rules are adopted for different income groups. Considering that people’s income gap is large, different income groups enjoy different degrees of tax preference under this policy, which may lead to social injustice and increase the gap between rich and poor. Based on this, we propose a new optimization scheme by adjusting the tax rate and the maximum premium limit of the insurance amount in order to coordinate the interests of low, middle and high income subjects and to balance the degree tax preference between the three subjects.

According to the reporters, the research concluded: “At the same time, we also change the two parameters of the predetermined interest rate and the retirement age, and compare the changes in the tax preference under the old and new regimes, and provide corresponding countermeasures. for the implementation of the IITDCEI policy.

For more information on this research, see: Research on the Personal Income Tax Deferred Commercial Endowment Insurance from an equity perspective. Discrete dynamics in Nature and Society, 2022,2022. (Discrete dynamics in Nature and society – The Discrete Dynamics editor in Nature and Society is hindawi limited.

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Our editors report that additional information can be obtained by contacting Song Tingshan, School of Economics and Management.

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