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ST. BONAVENTURE – Université Saint-Bonaventure has added a major in economics to its suite of undergraduate programs in the School of Business.

Students will be accepted into the program starting this fall.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program is designed to help students examine the production and consumption of goods and analyze real-world issues such as international trade, poverty, taxes, crime, and education.

The program provides students with a thorough grounding in theoretical and empirical approaches to real-world problems and provides a framework within which to analyze human behavior.

“Students will graduate with the skills necessary for successful careers in a wide range of fields, including finance, consulting, accounting and government,” said Dr. Matrecia James, Dean of the School of Business.

The program will have two main learning objectives for students:

• Gain an understanding of key economic tools and principles and apply these tools to a wide range of current real-world problems.

• Learn to formulate pragmatic, principled policies to improve economic and social well-being and promote social justice.

Five new courses have been developed for the program:

• ECO 308 Environmental Economics

• ECO 311 Labor Economics

• ECO 325 Health Economics

• ECO 330 Law and Economics

• Capstone ECO 490 in economy


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