Seminar “Polish nature – culture, science, economy, environment”


A two-day symposium on “Polish Nature – Culture, Science, Economy and Environment” kicked off on Friday at Cessna. The event is organized by the “DABAR Foundation – Dialogue of Cultures and Religions in the Polish, Ukrainian and Slovak Border Region”. The event was sponsored by the media, among others, Trawam TV and Radio Marija.

The colloquium “Polish nature – culture, science, economy, environment” is held in Cesna, that is to say in an important town of the whole region of Bieszczady, where questions related to the protection of Polish nature arise and its importance for the whole national economy and the social and cultural development of the population of Poland – referred to as Br. Doctor Hub. Henrik Wiecek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the DABAR Foundation.

We owe the unique nature of this project to the special blend of many perspectives and disciplines. The political and economic approach has the opportunity to acquire a Christian philosophical and ethical context, meeting both a scientific perspective and a deep awareness of educational needs. – said the father. the teacher. Doctor Hub. Henrik Wiecek.

During the conference, the results of scientific research and their practical applications in forest management strategies and development of forest areas will be presented with reference to the climate and environmental protection plans proposed by the European Union and the COP 26.

The seminar was honored by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Media sponsorship for this event is provided by third parties Trawam TV and Radio Marija.

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