Senate Economics Committee Chairman Outlines Goals


Senator Jess Walsh has been named chair of the Senate Economic Legislation Committee, saying her goals include increasing the superannuation guarantee to 15% and implementing a superpayment on paid parental leave.

Walsh had been a Senator for Victoria since 2019 and a Labor MP since 2005.

She said Labor believed the superannuation was one of Australia’s greatest strengths and the system had been scrapped under the previous government.

“In this [chair] role, I look forward to implementing our government’s plan for an economy that works for people, not the other way around.

“This plan includes strengthening our super system by ensuring the super is paid to workers preferably at the same time as their wages, ensuring the ATO can and urgently crack down on dodgy employers and we would compel to get the 12% super guarantee and once that’s done, we’re looking at if and when we should be aiming for 15% and finding the best way to make the super payable on paid parental leave. »

Walsh also used his speech to highlight the problem of pension theft by employers, which has seen workers lose $5 billion a year.

“The Auditor General found that the ATO is failing to proactively enforce superannuation compliance, which means the workers themselves are left to do all the heavy lifting, the most of the superannuation clawed back as a result of workers self-reporting a problem to the ATO.

“They are still likely to have to fight for months or years to get paid what is owed to them, and their employers are not even a little deterred from doing it all over again for the next worker.

“The opposition has been content to sit back for almost a decade while employers robbed their super-employees to get ahead.”


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