Shusha of Azerbaijan will host an international conference on “Economy of Culture: Development Impulses of Shusha”


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Shusha of Azerbaijan will host the international scientific and practical conference on “Economy of Culture: Development Impulses of Shusha” with the joint support of the Special Mission of the President of Azerbaijan to Shusha, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Culture, ADA University, Karabakh Revival Foundation and Institute of Economics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) on September 18-19, 2022, the organizing committee told Trend .

Reports in the following areas will be presented at the conference:

– establishment of a new economy and development of cultural spaces in Karabakh;

– formation of a creative economy in Shusha.

Authors of reports selected by the organizing committee will receive a special invitation to the conference. Reports should be submitted electronically in Azeri (Turkish), Russian or English and compiled in accordance with the following requirements:

– in Microsoft Word A4 format, Times New Roman font, font size – 12, line spacing – 1.15; margins: left – 3 cm, right – 1 cm, top and bottom – 2 cm.

– report size – 15,000-20,000 characters;

– report title – 12 point font, capital letters, bold;

– surname, first name, surname of the author(s), in full, with a 12-point font;

– academic degree, academic title of the author(s), name of the institution where he works or studies (for doctoral students and dissertations), e-mail address, contact number – in 11 point font, on a new line;

– conclusion – 11 point font, maximum 1000 characters.

The structure of the text should be as follows:

– statement of the problem

– analysis and evaluation

– conclusion

– bibliography (in alphabetical order) in 11 point font.

Reports in electronic format should be sent by August 18, 2022 to the email address – ([email protected]) of the Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee R. Sabir.

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