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CBSE 12th Economics Paper Analysis 2022: The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) carried out the economics work for class 12 of the 2nd quarter of 2022 on Saturday May 28. According to the students, the class 12 economics work was balanced and followed the NCERT model. Subham Giri, a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, said it was a balanced article, with a mix of easy and difficult questions. “Most of the questions in the 12th economics paper were easy. In macroeconomics, the questions were a bit conceptual and application-based. Overall, the paper was based on the NCERT and followed the pattern of an example of paper,” the student said. LEARN MORE | CBSE 12th Accountancy Paper Analysis 2022: “Long paper, questions were tricky, application-based”

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The 12th economics paper was 40 points and had 13 questions. According to teacher Sunita Dey, PGT-Economics, Modern English School, Guwahati, “The design and level of difficulty of the quiz was very similar to the sample CBSE quiz, hence the ease with which the questions included in the questionnaire were asked. level of difficulty medium.” “In macroeconomics, the questions were aimed at testing basic understanding of the concepts and their application. In the part on Indian economic development, most of the questions reflected current issues and challenges in the Indian economy,” said l ‘teacher. Overall, it was a balanced article, with a perfect combination of basic understanding and application of concepts, she added. READ ALSO | CBSE Class 12 Political Science Paper Analysis 2022: Students found paper ‘easy, based on NCERT’

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Seema Behl, director of the Brain International School, analyzed the class 12 economics paper as simple and balanced. “Today’s economics paper was balanced, the questions were mostly easy. In macroeconomics, the questions were mostly conceptual and application-based. Students can easily score above 35 in the economics paper. ‘today.”

Oneeka Deep, PGT- Economics, VidyaGyan School, Bulandshahr said, “The paper was moderate in difficulty and lengthy. About 50% of the paper was knowledge-based. Few questions were application-based and critical thinking.In order to get a good mark, a thorough knowledge of the subject was essential.The questionnaire was in accordance with the syllabus and the sample document provided by CBSE.

According to Sudeshna Bhattacharya, HOD Economics, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad, “The class 12 economics paper was very easy. the exam. . The 2 benchmark questions were quite straightforward. The 3 benchmark questions were based on text, numbers and applications, which required intensive writing. However, they did not require any diagrams anywhere. The 5-point questions points, one of which was a case-based question, were simple and easy to find answers to. The questions were easy to understand. Their language was simple but a bit long. The document required some writing and attention until the last moment. Overall, the economics exam was easy to solve. Students should score well.”

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