The Rovinj school team participates in the International Economics Olympiad


August 21, 2021 – A team from the Rovinj school took part in the International Economics Olympics among 200 other high school students from no less than 44 teams.

As Poslovni Dnevnik / Marta Duic writes, more than 200 high school students from 44 national teams participated in the 2021 International Economics Olympiad (IEO). The host country this year was Latvia, and the competition took place online from July 26 to August. 1st.

Croatia was represented by the Batana team from Lycée Zvana Crnja, a school in Rovinj which includes students Deborah Bozic and Tea Paris and students Luka Domic, Simon Constantin Djekic and Patrik Mocibob. The winning team was supervised by Sandra Kranjcic and Jelena Bulian Petrovic.

“The crowning of our efforts and work, the acquisition of knowledge through four years of teaching in economics, was the winning result at the National Economic Olympiad. Considering that it was the first economic Olympiad organized in Croatia, and at the same time from the first performance of students and mentors to the international competition, we did not know what to expect.

We relied on our acquired education in which we invested a lot of effort and work. Regarding the national competition, it was important for us to get good investment results and to have a good overall result. We achieved this through teamwork, solidarity and faith in all members of the team, ” say mentors Sandra Kranjcic and Jelena Bulian Petrovic.

As they say, the whole competition was held in English, which was a difficult circumstance for them in solving the tasks.

“The tasks were quite demanding for us as the curriculum for training economists differs from country to country. The entire competition included the financial literacy game – a simulation of life and investments through a certain character of a person and the importance of his dreams through which we showcased our financial literacy knowledge, our exam knowledge in economics and the preparation of presentations and case studies on the production of new cars.

The experience was positive for all of us, we made new acquaintances, communicated with students from different places and adopted new knowledge and skills. We have tried something new and different which will certainly help us in our continuing education. We had the opportunity to present our work and demonstrate our communication and presentation skills to mentors and juries from various countries.

Unfortunately, the whole competition took place online due to the situation with the pandemic, so we did not have the opportunity to travel to Latvia and experience the real charm of such a great competition, ” said said the members of the Batana team of the aforementioned Rovinj school.

This year, EMI is being held for the fourth time, and since its launch in 2018, the hosts have been Russia and Kazakhstan.

The Olympiad included individual competitions in the form of a financial literacy simulation game, tests of knowledge of economics and its practical application, as well as team competitions in developing the best strategy to solve a practical business situation. .

“For Latvia and the University of Latvia, the honor of hosting the Olympiad is the greatest recognition of our work on the committee, council and jury. We are determined to do our best to make this year’s competition an unforgettable adventure for young talent around the world, both in terms of gaining new knowledge and making new friendships, ”said Gundars Berzins, Dean from FBME at the University of Latvia.

The Croatian Economic Olympiad, i.e. the Croatian Economic Olympiad, is a project of the Center for Youth Development, the winners of which are the Batana team from the Rovinj school representing Croatia in Latvia . The aim of the project, they say, is to encourage high school students to engage in extracurricular activities and use their knowledge acquired in school on concrete examples and tasks, and to get them more interested in the entrepreneurship and the economy.

According to the association, they are extremely satisfied with the response this year, namely nearly 20 Croatian schools have confirmed their participation, and some have even registered more than one team. It should be mentioned that the Center for Youth Development has been operating since 2012, and under the auspices of the center, more than 500 students and young people have volunteered since its activation.

“The association cooperates with more than 90 student associations and youth associations and supports more than 200 of their projects so that young people contribute to the community, while acquiring knowledge and skills that are not provided by institutions of formal education. “said the center.

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