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The contemporary challenges of the global financial crisis require the expertise of economists capable of reinventing a new paradigm to anticipate and respond to future market developments. They offer valuable analysis of markets, business models and governance that unearth sustainable and viable solutions that the world badly needs. You just have to ask Dr. Sophie Moinasprofessor of finance at Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), whose role includes disseminating economic research outside of academia to reach policymakers, students, and the general public.

“TSE has a tradition of long-term interactions with industry partners and policy makers, which I believe is a clear differentiator from other economics departments in universities or business schools,” says the Director of TSE. Sustainable Finance Center.

Created in 2018, the Center aims to promote innovative research on emerging issues in economics and finance. More than 40 academics work in various related fields to this end, in addition to disseminating the results of cutting-edge research on contemporary societal challenges related to sustainable finance to businesses, policymakers and the general public.

“Discussions with partners really feed our research interests — it’s always more motivating to try to address an issue that economic actors find important enough to share with us,” adds Dr. Moinas. “The problems shared with our partners are also quite difficult; otherwise, they would have already found a way to answer it. This arouses our curiosity. »

Impactful solutions for the real world

Recognized as one of the best economics departments in Europe, TSE has become a pioneering think tank of interdisciplinary research providing solutions to critical economic and social problems over the past 40 years. He is one of the first three recipients in economics of the prestigious grants from the European Research Council (ERC).

It is now among the top 10 economics departments in the world according to the Economics Research Papers (RePEc), while the Shanghai Rankings World Academic Subject Rankings 2021 lists TSE in the top 25 universities around the world for economics. TSE’s distinction as a leading economics school was further reinforced when John TirolHonorary President of TSE and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Toulouse, was reward Nobel Prize in Economics in 2014.

TSE researchers maintain an ongoing dialogue with practitioners. With the support of a wide range of public and private partnersthey explore new areas of research and develop research projects directly related to the concerns of society and decision-makers.

TSE is known as one of the best economics departments in Europe. Source: Toulouse School of Economics

What is good must be commonis the motto that serves as a powerful driving force behind TSE’s education and research. Students are not only exposed to a robust intellectual environment that brings together some of the world’s leading experts in economics, they are also prepared for creative inquiry to find new economic insights that transform communities for the better.

The newly created Sustainable Finance Center is a good example of how industry collaborations can reach a wider audience to connect research to real-world issues. The Centre’s projects focus on four key areas: Responsible finance and long-term investments, Financial technologies and digital markets, Financial intermediaries and regulation, as well as Financial behaviors, well-being and (in)efficiency of markets. Current partners and supporters include well-known institutions such as the Bank of Francethe Central Bank of Luxembourg and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the FIT IN initiative.

Experiential and collaborative learning

For students, the opportunity to learn through the experience of the Centre’s network is immense. “The main benefits of the existence of the Center and the partnerships for TSE students are twofold. On the one hand, the students of our Doctoral programs are exposed to issues that are or could become topical,” says Dr. Moinas. “It’s invaluable, as it will allow them to work on topics that can have an impact both inside and outside of academia.” She adds that TSE partnerships benefit first cycle and masters students in vocational streams by making the abstract concepts taught in class more concrete through concrete examples.

TSE’s strength in research development naturally carries over to its teaching, where students are assured of first-rate instruction from leading experts in their respective fields. It operates on the signature brand of ‘TSE-style economics’, which combines a wide range of academic interests with an open curiosity to craft tangible policy solutions. His 2,500 students benefit directly from the theoretical and empirical expertise of TSE professors through a scientific approach based on observation, experimentation, statistics and advanced quantitative techniques.

International students wishing to begin their journey at TSE can expect a welcoming atmosphere – the International Masters program does not only offer academic specializations in the second year; students also receive logistical assistance in terms of accommodation, airport pickup, career services, and French lessons to better immerse yourself in the local environment. Scholarships are also available from the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the TSE, as well as fee waivers for the TSE international masters program based on academic and geographical criteria.

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