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These days, it seems like everyone is talking about economics. There is also a reason for this trend. The economy encompasses more than people’s current shopping habits and inflation rates. It also helps determine levels of job creation, stock market performance, and even the role of cryptocurrency in society. Earning an economics degree at UC Merced allows students to understand how and why all of these factors come into play.

Why study economics?

Understanding economic trends is one of the best ways to make the most of any financial situation. The skills learned in the UC Merced Economics program can be applied to a variety of high-paying jobs. Students learn to use a unique blend of mathematical and social science data to analyze situations, make predictions, and solve problems. As a result, individuals who complete the program gain a unique and valuable perspective on not just the markets, but the world at large.

Is a degree in economics really worth it?

Pursuing a graduate degree in economics can be not only financially rewarding, but also deeply satisfying. Graduates can expect to secure well-paying jobs and become invaluable members of their new businesses with the knowledge they have gained. Additionally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in economics is expected to increase by 13% by the end of the decade. This means that graduates of the program can also expect to have better job prospects each year.

Signs that it is worth pursuing an economics degree may include:

  • Have excellent critical thinking skills.

  • Be good at communicating complex ideas.

  • Wanting to become a more competitive rental.

  • Have an interest in mathematics and social sciences.

It is a mistake to assume that graduates who possess these qualities will also be restricted exclusively to working as economists. Advanced degrees in economics can also help graduates find jobs as financial analysts, investigators, statisticians, and in a wide variety of other fascinating fields.

Why Choose UC Merced?

It is true that there are many saving programs, but not all of them have the same reputation as that of UC Merced. The school’s doctorate in economics. involves completing a focused program with the help of mentors, research professors, and others. It’s the perfect way for students to prepare for careers not just in the financial services industry, but also in academia, government, or public policy.

At UC Merced, students work closely with the research faculty. Nearly 100% of them are co-authors of work by their second year, and there is a fantastic sense of cooperation and collaboration. With many opportunities to learn from leading scholars and take advantage of the University of California’s vast network of resources, graduate students will have everything they need to succeed in the program and in their future careers.

Apply today

Ready to start down the road to earning an economics degree from one of California’s top public universities? Learn more about UC Merced’s graduate program online, register for a webinar to meet with select faculty members, and start working on that application today.

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