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00:30 financial war (18 mins)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its February report, revealing that consumer prices rose 7.9% in February. “The rate of inflation is the highest since 1982”, writes the Washington Examiner. While Joe Biden has banned crude oil imports from Russia, other imports from Russia to the United States, such as uranium and nickel, are still ongoing. A “financial war” has begun between Russia and the United States, as Politico put it. How will this end?

18:15 Kamala Harris sent to Poland and Romania (4 mins)
Kamala Harris left for Poland and Romania on Wednesday morning to confirm that the United States stands “firmly and resolutely” with NATO allies. When a reporter asked her if the United States was ready to host Ukrainian refugees, she laughed and shifted the focus to her Polish counterpart.

22:05 American Bio-Lab in Ukraine? (5 minutes)
According to United States today, claims and rumors of a US-funded bio-lab in Ukraine are a myth. But a laboratory based in Odessa is clearly documented by the committee of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. Earlier this week, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said the United States was working with Ukraine to “prevent any of these research materials from falling into the hands of the forces.” Russians”.

27:10 Jerusalem Work Update (19 mins)
In this segment, Stephen Flurry and Brent Nagtegaal bring you an update on the latest developments in God’s work in Jerusalem.

46:40 Comments by email (8 mins)


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